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About crafts

About crafts

From the earliest times boundless Siberia is world-famous for its land fertility and people’s strong health. For centuries generous Siberian soil has been giving to people power and energy, healthy food and herbs, comfortable clothes and strong construction materials.

About crafts

Time goes by, and since ancient times nothing has been invented better for harmonious and happy life than nature's offerings. Guests of the International Festival of World Music and Crafts “WORLD of Siberia” will be able to realize that.

Local farmers and handicraftsmen from all over Siberia will bring to Shushenskoye the most beautiful, healthiest and tastiest things that the great Siberian land is rich with. Festival guests will fully appreciate eco-style shopping here and will be able to buy fragrant herbs and honey, natural cosmetics, woven and fur products. Such goods you won’t be able to find in a modern supermarket; they were grown and made by hand with the warmth of the human soul and the power of nature.

Join the WORLD of Siberia Festival to create, sing, and dance!

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