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Festival venues

Festival venues

Main Stage
Main Stage The Main Stage is a place of amusement and radiance, the place where stars of world music rise and shine. This is a rendezvous with the brightest performers and all those who can’t imagine their life without sounds and rhythms that sink a listener into music nirvana. The Main Stage is a heart of the WORLD of Siberia Festival, where the main events are held - competition performances and concerts of headliners. Winners of the “MIRA” World Music Award and the Grand Prix owners are announced on the Main Stage on the final day. In the future the MIRA Award holders may easily become festival headliners. Winners of the “MIRA” Crafts Award are also announced on the Main Stage.
Ritual Meadow
Ritual Meadow The Ritual Meadow is one of the most popular and colorful venues of the WORLD of Siberia Festival. It involves festival guests in ancient rituals and sacraments, and immerses them in the diversity of cultures. At the Ritual Meadow you will find various masterclasses on vocal, traditional instruments, dances, folk games, and rituals, in addition, you may join theatrical performances, music flash mobs and jam sessions. In the evenings the program of Ritual Meadow ends with open-air screenings of the Ethnic Film Club.
Town of Craftsmen
Town of Craftsmen The exhibition-fair of decorative and applied arts is an attraction spot for all festival goers. In the Town of Craftsmen you will discover amazing works of artisans from different regions of Russia and various countries. Handmade musical instruments, such as Khakass tambourines, drums, harps, pipes, khomuses and vargans, are the perfect souvenirs. Visitors of the venue will appreciate a wide range of traditional clothes: high fur boots, Nevyansk felt boots, sarafans, dresses, and men’s shirts. Homemakers will find unique clay pots and wood handicrafts. If you don’t find anything special, you can create some items yourself. The Town of Craftsmen is a territory of masterclasses, where every festival goer can become a creator and indulge in the art therapy.
Pavilion The Pavilion is the first venue which welcomes all guests on the way from the State Historical and Ethnographical Museum-Reserve “Shushenskoye”. The Pavilion has been created to discuss various social and cultural issues related to the history of language, etymology, interrelations of language and other aspects of culture, and history of peoples of the world. Lecturers and moderators of the venue are professors of universities and colleges, and workers in the field of folk culture. Lectures and discussions are held under any weather conditions, and every year they gather more and more listeners.
Food Court
Food Court Food Court is the largest-scale area where you can have breakfast or just have a meal during your stay at the festival. This venue is a gastronomic abundance, where you can find diverse traditional cuisines of different nations. The “Traditions of Yenisei cuisine” area is a paradise for gourmets. Experienced chefs can teach you to cook meals, using ancient recipes. Each meal has its particular history and legend. Here you may try fern and mushrooms stuffed pike, Yenisei fish soup made of graylings, venison dumplings, and many other unique meals.
State Historical and Ethnographical Museum-Reserve “Shushenskoye”
State Historical and Ethnographical Museum-Reserve “Shushenskoye” The State Historical and Ethnographical Museum-Reserve “Shushenskoye” is a conserved Siberian village founded at the end of the 19th century and in the beginning of the 20th century. The number of exhibits is more than 100 000 exhibitions. Every house territory has its household facilities: big yards, wide streets and deep wells. There are the nominees’ exhibition works for the “MIRA” Crafts Competition on the museum territory. Works of 12 participants are presented in two categories: traditional and contemporary arts and crafts that are judged by the jury during three festival days. The nominees for the “MIRA” World Music Competition sometimes perform here in their free time. The museum excursions are a part of the festival program.
Ethnic Park
Ethnic Park Re-created traditional houses of indigenous peoples that inhabited along the Yenisei River are represented at this venue. It includes Evenk and Taymyr chums, Khakas and Tuvan yurts, as well as national houses yards with craft workshops, which reveal the culture of the severe Siberian region. You may view the life recreation of the Yenisei peoples and their traditional crafts, national dances and songs. The Ethnic Park’s guests are free to create amulets, traditional toys made out of wood and bone, jewelry and household items. The “Multinational Teashop” may help you to immerse in Siberian culture through tasting of various kinds of tea, which are brewed according to traditional recipes. Tea ceremonies masterclasses are also held here.
Tourist Information Center
Tourist Information Center One of the relatively new festival venues is the joint Tourist Information Center that unites the Krasnoyarsk region, the Republic of Tyva and the Republic of Khakassia. The Tourist Information Center presents tourist potential of the abovementioned regions, their ethnic sightseeing routes and souvenir products. Here you can take pictures in a stylized decoration area, take part in a thematic quiz and get souvenirs, as well as book a tour and go on it directly from the festival: a tour on Shushenskoye and surrounding areas, a trip to the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydroelectric Dam and visit many other tourist destinations that will make your stay at the festival even more interesting.