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Festival life

Festival life

Welcome to the International Festival of World Music and Crafts "WORLD of Siberia"!

There are relatively few rules. We kindly ask you to comply with them so that everybody can enjoy the festival.
Respect the festival visitors, staff, organizers, police, medical staff and other services.
Please, do not conflict with the festival visitors; find and inform the festival headquarters’ representatives if no solution could be reached.
Please, take into consideration the need to undergo security screening procedures that are carried out in order to ensure your safety.
Do not drink alcohol and do not take drugs. The WORLD of Siberia Festival is the family-friendly area.
Keep the festival territory clean, do not pollute the environment.


Bring your cheerful mood.
Personal repellents against mosquitoes and ticks (within the area of the festival, anti-tick precautions are carried out for better safety).
A first-aid kit.
Cash to purchase goods at the Town of Craftsmen, the Fair and the Food Court.
A head dress and sunscreen.
A yoga mat for comfortable open-air exercises.
Warm clothing, rainwear.
A tent, a sleeping bag and a mat for comfortable overnight stay at the festival campsite.
An extra charger and a battery for your gadgets.

At the Food Court venue you will be able to discover traditional cuisines of different countries. Here you may visit small cafes and eateries equipped with tables and benches.
At the territory of the Food Court there are free washbasins with cold water.
The Food Court venue’s working hours: 08:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.


The festival organizers provide the campsite area for the visitors.
The service of the festival campsite is open from 12.00 p.m. on Thursday to 12.00 a.m. on Monday.
There are showers, WC cabins and village pumps at the festival campsite area. Emergency services are also provided here.
Staying on a campsite is on a paying basis. You have to rent one place for a tent and a vehicle for the entire period of the festival. You do not have to book the place in advance; there is enough space for everyone!
If you plan to attend the festival with children, we suggest you to stay at the "quiet zone" of the campsite - loud music will not disturb you in that case; although it will take a little longer to get to the festival venues.
If you plan to come with a big, cheerful and noisy company, we recommend you to stay at the “youth zone” of the campsite in order not to disturb other festival guests.
We remind you that the festival is alcohol-free and complies with the silence law. Police officers always patrol the festival territory.
Please, use barbeque sets to cook food. If you wish to spend an evening enjoying a bonfire we organized cozy and safe places for you.
Keep the territory clean. Every campsite guest will be provided with a garbage bag. Trash containers for the disposal of full bags are available.
Do not store valuables in a tent unattended, the festival management is not responsible for things left unattended in a tent or anywhere else at the festival territory.
If you find somebody’s property or valuables, please bring it/them to the festival campsite headquarters. We will find the owner of the lost property.
If you lose something you may visit the festival campsite headquarters, probably your things are there

Pets are not recommended at the festival for the following reasons:
- there is no veterinary control service at the festival, which could examine the availability of all necessary vaccinations of an animal for safe stay of all visitors at the festival;
- pets may be frightened of a large crowd, a loud sound or fireworks and can behave inadequately.
Nevertheless, if you decide to bring a pet, we kindly ask you to look and clean up after it, and do not let off the leash.
Avoid the crowd.
Do not leave children alone (the child should always be in your field of vision).
The Food Court venue offers a large variety of meals that are more appropriate for adults. If your child has certain food habits (restrictions), please take them into consideration.
Follow the hygiene standards (wash your child’s hands before eating, do not let him/her eat unwashed vegetables and fruits).
Tell to your child in advance, what he/she should do in case he/she is lost: a child should contact the nearest police officer or a representative of the organizers with a request to take him/her to the festival headquarters.
Write a note with your name and your mobile phone numbers in advance and put it in your child’s clothing pocket.
If your child is lost, immediately contact the police or the organizers of the festival.
If you find a lost child, please bring him/her to the festival headquarters.


Ambulance service teams are on duty at the campsite territory and at the Main Stage venue near the festival headquarters.
In the event of a trauma, tick bite, feeling ill, symptoms of infection or toxication, immediately ask for medical help.
People with chronic diseases (bronchial asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, allergies, etc.) are strongly recommended to have a note with personal information: full name, age, blood type and Rh factor, diagnosis, medications’ names and dosages. This information will help to provide medical care in a fast and effective way.


Your stay at the festival will be secured by the police, riot police and special services. The police and organizers of the festival earnestly ask all visitors to pay attention to:
•  suspicious things and objects (do not touch them!);
•  suspicious persons, aggressive groups of people, including minors;
•  open flames.
It is necessary to inform a police officer or the festival organizers immediately about all facts of crimes.


To violate the fire safety rules, to smoke in public places, to use fireworks, to make bonfires.
To swim in the Shush River, as the water in the river does not meet the health and safety regulations.
To make noise from 11 pm to 08:00 am
It is prohibited to bring:
•  drugs, psychotropic and toxic substances, including their precursors ( as well as in forms of medications) at the festival area;
•  firearms, thrust and cutting objects and other similar things that may cause health damage;
•  alcohol;
•  glass containers;
•  flammable liquids and gas, explosive materials.
Offenders shall be liable to the penalties provided for under the legislation of the Russian Federation, and shall be removed from the festival campsite (if they are staying there) without a refund.