3-5 March 2019

Provisions of the

“MIRA” Crafts Award Competition within the

International Festival of World Music and Crafts “World of Siberia”

1. General regulations 

1.1 “MIRA” Crafts Award Competition is held within the International Festival of World Music and Crafts “World of Siberia” (hereinafter – the Competition).

2. Aim and objectives of the Competition

 2.1. The aim of the Competition is to preserve and develop folk artistic crafts, decorative and applied arts.

2.2. Objectives of the Competition are:

to promote folk artistic crafts (decorative and applied arts);

to reveal talented masters and crafters;

to support the development of professional contacts and to attract people to decorative and applied arts.

3. Conditions of participation

3.1. Decorative and applied arts masters of 18 years old and older are invited to take part in the Competition.

3.2. All the Competitors must fill out an application form (form 2) and send it to the International and Regional Cultural Affairs Center with enclosure of materials mentioned in 3.3 of the Provisions or submit online application at www.festmir.ru (“CRAFTS” section).

3.3. The Competitors have to provide competitive materials: pictures of 5 items (jpg, not less than 300 dpi, not less than 3 MB) and detailed description of production method. Links at video hosting and file sharing sites are also acceptable.

3.4. The application campaign (receiving application forms, competitive and presentational materials) is held by the International and Regional Cultural Affairs Center by post, by e-mail and also online on the website of the Festival in the period of January 15 through March 31. Applications received after March 31 will not be considered. The Organizing Committee has a right to take a decision to extend a period of application but for no longer than two weeks. Decision of the Organizing Committee will published not later than March 25 at the Festival’s website www.festmir.ru .

3.5. At the wish of the Applicant additional presentational materials can be sent to the Organizer (mass-media materials, picture shots etc).

3.6. International and Regional Cultural Affairs Center’s contact information:

Address: 660049, Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk city, 1 Mira square, phone number 8 (391) 212-32-42

3.7. There is no registration fee for participation in the Competition.

4. The Competition procedure

4.1. The Competition is held in two stages:

Stage 1: from April 23 through 29 (distance elimination round) in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The Jury will examine and assess presentational materials received and determine a list of Nominees for the MIRA Crafts Award Competition (hereinafter – the Award).

The Nominees will be eliminated from Applicants in two nominations:

  1. traditional crafts;
  2. modern decorative and applied arts.

Assessment criterions:


artistic level, singularity of design;

skillful combination of traditions and innovations;

esthetics and item appearance.

The Organizing Committee accepts the art works (items), created in following styles and techniques: art of metalwork, stone craft, bone craft, wood craft, birchbark craft; art painting (wood, metal); vine and nature materials wickerwork; ceramic art (hand moulding, fictile art); fur and leather processing art; textile art (handweaving, embroidery, patchwork, textile painting, felting); designer’s dolls; folk costume (ethnographic, designer’s) with the use of traditional materials and techniques.

The Organizing Committee does not accept the items, created from materials which are not traditional for folk art (plasticine, plastics, dried flowers, quilling etc.), as well as fluffy toys, chart knitting and embroidery, items made of edibles (macaroni, cereal, salt dough etc.), decoupage items, paintings and graphic arts.

The Jury can choose not more than six Nominees in each nomination.

In case when a creative group or art studio becomes a Nominee, the representative of a creative group or art studio is invited to participate in the on-site elimination round of Competition.

The list of Nominees will be published at www.festmir.ru, not later than May 1.

The official invitation for participation in the second round of Competition will be send to Nominees by post and e-mail stated in the application not later than May 15.

Stage 2: (on-site elimination round) at the Shushenskoye village (Krasnoyarsk region). The exact dates of the stage 2 will be published at www.festmir.ru. During the stage 2 of the Competition (on-site elimination round) the Jury will consider the items that Nominees bring to the Festival and determine the winners of the nominations and the winner of the Award.

Each Nominee must bring 5 items to the on-site elimination round as well as a video recording of production technique.

After the assessment of competitive items presented at the on-site elimination round the Jury determines one winner in each nomination and one winner of the “MIRA” Crafts Award.

The Jury assesses the competition items made by Nominees at the closed session by simple voting with assessment sheets where “5” is a maximum grade for each criterion.

The Jury’s decision is issued in the form of session record without appeal. The Jury has a right not to award Nominees and winners of the Competition in any of nominations.

In case there are equal grades received, the Jury has a right to give an additional grade (out of maximum 5) to one of Competitors, Nominees.

5. Awarding

5.1. All contestants will be awarded with the Competitions diplomas.

5.2. The Nominees participating in the on-site stage of Competition at the Shushenskoye village (the Krasnoyarsk region) who has not won the ‘MIRA’ Award or has not become a winner of one of the nominations will be awarded with the ‘Nominees of Competition’ diplomas and a bonus of 20 000 rubles (inclusive of tax).

5.3. The Nominees not participating in the on-site elimination round of the Competition at the Shushenskoye village (the Krasnoyarsk region) will be awarded with the diplomas.

5.4. The winners of nominations will be awarded with the ‘Winner of the Competition’ diplomas and a bonus of 40 000 rubles (inclusive of tax).  

5.5. The winner of the ‘MIRA’ Crafts Award will be awarded with the ‘MIRA’ Crafts Award Winner diploma, a bonus of 200 000 rubles (inclusive of tax) and bronze bowl souvenir – the ‘MIRA’ award. (According to the Ch.23 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, income of individuals, corresponding to the value of the presents, received in kind or in cash form and exceeding 4000 rubles in the tax period is a subject to taxation).

5.6. Sponsors, enterprises and other individuals may establish their own prizes, awards and special bonuses.

5.7. The funds will be transferred to the bank account of the legal entity of the Nominee-groups, Winner-groups and the Award Winner-groups (the Nominee, Winner and the Award Winner) in case they were sent to the Competition by the affiliated organization. The bonus will be transferred to the personal bank account of the Nominee, Winner or the Award Winner in case they are independent artists (in case of creative group, the bonus is transferred to the personal account of one of the members, the rest must provide written statements of agreement).

6. Financing of the Competition

 6.1. The organizers guarantee to cover meals (triple) and accommodation for Nominee (1 person) during the on-site elimination round of the Competition. The expenses related to meals and accommodation for the Nominee’s companions are to be covered by the Nominee or their organization.

6.2. The expenses related to traveling to the Abakan, Minusinsk and back, are to be covered by the Nominees’ sending organization or the nominees themselves.

The expenses related to traveling from Abakan and Minusinsk to the Shushenskoye village and back, are to be covered by the Organizer – the International and Regional Cultural Affairs Center.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. All presentation materials, received by the Organizer from Competitors during the Competition (photos and video), are considered to be the property of the Organizer of the Festival - the International and Regional Cultural Affairs Center. The International and Regional Cultural Affairs Center has the right to play out and distribute photos and videos recorded and made during the Festival, demonstrate and use for digests, brochures, leaflets, issue CD without paying any fee to the Nominees of the Festival, Winners of the Competition and the winner of the ‘MIRA’ Crafts Award. Their use for the purpose of the Festival and advertising does not require additional concurrence with the guests and participants of the Festival.

7.2. Competitive and presentation material provided by Competitors, may be published on the Festival site www.festmir.ru and on social networks of the Festival and of the Festival’s Organizer, and used for promotional purposes of the Festival.

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